When you're having a paw-sitively awful day, nothing can cheer you up quite like scrolling through a list of cat photos that showcase all the hilarious shenanigans these fur balls get into.


  1. Posted by Fairy_Enchanted, — Reply

    “If you’re not feeding him intentionally and he’s actually breaking into your house and eating your food... sorry” 😂😂🤣 Edit: how did this get so many likes? Thank you

  2. Posted by daiqibian, — Reply

    Top ten characters not even Thanos could destroy

  3. Posted by UrbanEarthworm, — Reply

    People need to keep their effing cats indoors like responsible pet owners. I'm so sick of other peoples' uncared for cats killing songbirds and bunnies in my yard and spreading feces and toxoplasmosis everywhere. Don't get a cat if you can't keep it indoors. It's the law in most US municipalities.

  4. Posted by debbieprisk, — Reply

    maybe it's those rodents that are making him sick. If he eats one that ate rat poison, then he will die, too. Keep him inside your home, don't let him out. Thank you

  5. Posted by ktenoriovargas, — Reply

    How does that cat have any room for extra food Like extra treats three square meals a day and rats (I say this while having a dog that doesn't know when to stop)

  6. Posted by spiwolf, — Reply

    Please be a responsible pet owner and don't let your animals roam free. There are a number of threats they can face, like traffic, wild animals, other off-leash animals, parasites, poison and disease. Take them for walks on a leash often.

  7. Posted by KatrinKatti, — Reply

    In Germany shelters usually won't give cats to people who won't let them out and the US Americans here in the comments are whining about how cats need to be locked up inside.

  8. Posted by Clare786654, — Reply

    In the UK it's normal for cats to come and go as they please, if it's your cat you feed it, if not you shoo it out and it goes home for lunch!

  9. Posted by 0dcj8rusdy2g5bi, — Reply

    He looks like cinnamon toast crunch

  10. Posted by ampwriter, — Reply

    This reminds me of my cat. We lived across the street from an old fashioned southern church who had potlucks every Sunday. That little con artist would go to church every Sunday and pretend he was starving to get roast beef, biscuits, and whatever else they had. We found this out when they felt bad for the poor homeless kitty and took him to kitty jail. We had to bail him out.

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